Early Childhood/Head Start Program

Brass Community School is home to a group of phenomenal pre-school staff in Mrs. Spagnoli, Mrs. Norton, Mrs. Horejsch, and Mrs. Jahnke.  Together, these teachers provide a highly structured and fun experience for our youngest students (ages 3, 4, and 5).  If you have a child who has turned 3 by September 4th, please contact our main office at 262.359.8000 for more information about pre-school programming.  Every child deserves an opportunity to be kindergarten ready and pre-school is one of the best ways to ensure that this will happen.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (FFV) Program

Thanks to a state grant, all of our students recieve a health fruit or vegetable snack at least three times per week and no cost to the family.  This program is not only designed to offer healthy snacks, but also to expose chidlren to the educational conversations surrounding healthy eating habits and the value of fruits and vegetables to the human body.  Children will read and write about the different fruits and vegetables they experience and learn about where the food is from.   Fruits and vegetables served include a variety, but these are the most common:  cherry tomatoes, grapes, cauliflower, broccoli, green pepper, hikama, carrots, celery, and more.

School-wide Breakfast Program

While most schools serve breakfast to their students in a cafeteria setting, we have decided to structure our breakfast in a way that gets students in the classroom quicker and allows them to start their day in a more organized fashion without being hungry.  Every morning, students come to school and go right to their classroom to pick up their cereal, milk, and healthy side item.  They move to their seats and start working on a an activity that gets them ready for literacy or numeracy activies for the day.

Our kindergarten students are always new to the concept of organized, group eating (smile), so we do our best to help them transition.  We do this by allowing them to eat as a group in the cafeteria for breakfast, instead of eating in the classrooms.  During this time they are introduced to specific procedures and structures necessary for an efficiently eating process.

Successful Fathering Program

The common sense, no frills, plain English guide to being a successful dad!  This program is available to all fathers with children ages 3-7.  Children should attend as well.  Light dinner will be served along with childcare, a father’s workshop, and opportunities for fathers and children to play together.

Presenter?  Mr. Henry Thurman, Brass Community School Kindergarten Teacher

Where?       Brass Community School

When?        TBD

Times?        5:30 p.m. meal in the cafeteria.  6-7 p.m. program in the library.

Cost?           FREE to all fathers of kids ages 3-7. (co-sponsored by Brass Community School PTO and KUSD Family Education Program)